PAX Twisted Fate

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    About PAX Twisted Fate

    Buy Pax Twisted Fate and you obtain one of the rarest and most sought after skins in League of Legends. This skin was released in 2009 at the PAX event, when not many people played the now immensely popular game. As a result this skin is extremely rare and PAX Twisted Fate is seen rarely in game, where as most players never have seen the skin in game.

    With every other skin being re-released, the rareness of PAX Twisted Fate will only increase. Lolskinshop provides anyone who wishes to buy the legendary PAX Twisted Fate an unredeemed code for the server of their choice.

    How does it work

    • Buy the skin by ordering here
    • Add me on skype, and message me the email address you used on your purchase
    • Code is given with Skype or TeamViewer
    • To pay with a Bank transfer or bitcoins, contact me
    • Got questions? Check our must read before contacting me
    • Sales and bundles? check our Transfer bundles


Pax Twisted Fate

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