Arcade Hecarim skin for League of Legends

Arcade Hecarim lol skin

About Arcade Hecarim

p style=”color: #111111;”>Arcade Hecarim is one of the best troll skins, You get to run around as a mecha disco pony, that is worth every penny! This skin has never really been rare, but it was provided through codes. The codes have been given out at previous events but is now only available through the ingame store. If you want to be the master troll, head straight to the ingame shop and pick up this amazing skin. Arcade Hecarim is currently for sale in riot official ingame store, you can go there right now and pick up your skin. It is definetly worth the price! The pink panzer pony will tear through your opponents on summoner rift, the particles and sound effects makes it well worth the cost

Codes disabled

During summer 2014 Riot disabled all old skin codes, and this is no longer obtainable. If you have any questions, feel free to use the “contact support” button on the bottom left of this website Too see our current products for sale, please check our frontpange or the products tab

Arcade Hecarim skin review and information

Skin category Regular, Promotional
Price 1350 RP
Concept Hecarim as a heavily armoured, prismatic centaur.
 Model New model for Hecarim and his halberd; colourful flames for his head, hooves and tail.
 Particles New particles for his abilities, auto-attack, recall and death.
 Animations New recall, death and respawn animations.
 Sounds Processed voice-over and new sounds for his abilities, auto-attack, recall and death.

Arcade Hecarim ingame picture, splash art, and youtube video

Arcade Hecarim skin League of Legends

Arcade Hecarim skin League of Legends


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Arcade Hecarim


Arcade Hecarim skin for League of Legends ingame picture splash art