Frequently Asked Questions

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Payment methods

What payment options do you accept? is partnered with G2A and we use their payment system called G2A Pay. This payment service is one of the quickest, effortless and complete payment systems around. On we accept Paypal Visa / Mastercard iDeal Paysafecard Sofort banking Skrill G2A wallet, and much more.
- Your prices are in Euros? Can I pay with a different currency?
The short answer is YES! G2A pay is a multi currency system, once you open a payment in for example paypal it will autoconvert to your local currency. If you pay with visa card, it will also be autoconverted.
My payment got rejected by G2A?
Now and then our customers say their transaction has been declined by G2A. Question: My payment got rejected / denied Answer: G2A operates on a way smaller margin then for example paypal or visa does. Simply put their security is stricter and in return their successfull transactions has less problems. I am not the one deciding this, its G2A automatic security system. Question: My payment got charged, then refunded too me (mainly paypal) Answer: On big transactions, such as highend accounts with rare skins or big elo boost orders, G2A may require phone verification. A simple call where you are the payer verifies that the transactions is legit. You would be amazed how much money in saved yearly for a big company by do simple security checks that also helps the customer, if infact a stolen or unautorized purchase is happening. Question: So that means I cannot pay? Answer: If you have been declined, please update your G2A account with a phone number, you can also try to contact the G2A support directly on and ask why it is happening. This is basically the same as being limited, frozen, or temporarily shut down on paypal, because they require you to verify something. Question: Is there an alternative? Answer: Yes, you can for example buy a paysafecard online (feeless) and use that to pay on In the past, with our old payment system, there was an extra fee when using Paysafecard, this is now 100% removed, with G2A. You can easily buy paysafecards online, from trusted resellers here

Why Lolskinshop?

How can I trust LoLskinshop? has been in business for over 4 years. When skincodes were the big thing, we were one of the biggest actors in the market. We officially partnered with tons of famous youtubers, such as SivHD, Protatomonster and Keyori. You can view all of thoose videos here on our Reviews page In 2016, we proccess more then 50 orders every day, and sell tons of accounts, boosts and accounts. Lolskinshop is also partnered with G2A, the worlds largest marketplace for online games.
How can I be sure I will get what I pay for?
Lolskinshop has been and is one of the biggest actors on the market, previously partnered with all the big youtubers, and currently partnered with the biggest online seller of games. We take our customers safety very seriously, and we everything we can too make sure every single customer gets the best service possible.

General questions

I have a problem with my purchased account / service
Please use the yellow support button on the bottom left of our website. Write a detailed message containing your order information and problem. And we will get back to you as soon as possible.
Why are you never on the live chat?
Lolskinshop has about 10000 unique visitors every day, we try to man the chat as often as possible, but at times it becomes too hectic. We can effectively serve all our customers when you leave us a message, and we can answer on demand. Its a far more efficient way to cope with the constant stream of messages regarding our products. We aim to have a fully managed 24/7 chat soon, to be able to answer questions regarding our products Apart from that, our product pages are very detailed and packed with key information and additional FAQ’s regarding the product and how it works!
Do you offer discounts or coupon codes?
You can always use the discount code “LSS” and get 10% off your purchase here at Lolskinshop!
Do you give away free things?
Yes, we often do! Keep an eye on our giveaway page for your chance to winning free products!


Instant Delivery?
Lolskinshop has a mix of manual and automatic delivery. Unfortunetly there are people who abuse automatic delivery systems, and therefor we cannot fully offer it for all our services. Products that has automatic delivery: Guides Elo Boost – (automaticly sent to our boosting system) Coaching – (automaticly sent to our boosting system) Manual deliveries All forms for accounts Riot ward skin Name change service. Lolskinshop is manually manned 16 hours a day, 24/7, 365 days a year. So in most cases you will get your account close to instantly. In rare cases it can take up too 12 or 24 hours for delivery. Note: If you wish to purchase a product the quickest way you can get it, is to simply just buy it. If you send a message asking wether we are here or not, will most likely be answered after we did the pending deliveries during a downtime.
How do you deliver my products?
All deliveries will be done to the email adress you enter on the checkout page! So please make sure that you write it correctly, so the product reaches you as soon as possible!
- I have not recived my product?
If you have not recived the product you paid for, first of all, check your spamfolder. For some reason, some of our emails end up there, so please check if your account has already been sent. Secondly, know that Lolskinshop does everything we can to get the account to you as soon as possible. And its most likely right around the corner!

Elo Boosting related questions?

How does this service work?
You pay us for improving your performance in ranked games. You give us your username and password and we play on your account. We have a lot of players which are at least in diamond league who guarantee the quality and speed required for your order.
What makes sure that my account won't get stolen?
In 2015 Lolskinshop proccessed more then 5000 elo boost orders, we provide a service for money, nothing more, nothing less. You should always verify your accounts email adress before giving access to ANYONE, that way your account is bound to you, forever.
Can I be banned for boosting?
There is always a small chance that this may happen, and no one can guarantee you 100% protection against it. Elo boosting is like cheating on a test, in most cases its fine, and you will not get caught. In 2015, we had 42 reported bans, out of 5000 succesfull orders. After inspecting the bans, more then half of them were related to the customers themself talking about being boosted.
Help none is playing my accounts?
Lolskinshop uses 100% manually playing players to do complete your order. No bots, hacks, cheats, scripts, just straight up skilled players. When you order from us, we assign 1 booster to your account. Please keep in mind that this is a normal human being, with a life aswell. Throughout a day, he should put in some hours, and he should play. There are tons of factors that can play into account, that you must keep in mind. We do everything we can to delivery as speedy boosts as possible, but sometimes it will take a little longer, due to unforseen circumstances, bad days, sickness, real life events and so on.
I bought a boost, coaching session or DuoQ, what now?
Your order has been forwarded too our boosting manager. He will assign it too one of our available boosters, and he should be starting as soon as he can.

Account related questions?

Are your accounts botted? sellls all kinds of accounts, mainly devided into 3 brackets. LoL smurfs with Influence Points LoL accounts with premade champion count LoL accounts with rare skins. LoL smurfs with Influence Points Are proffesionally botted accounts, they play normal ARAM matchmaking, and plays and acts exactly like a human player on average silver rating. Most people who play against them cannot detect at all that they are bots, neither does Riot. LoL accounts with premade champion count Theese accounts are manually leveled accounts, randomized to avoid any form of detection LoL accounts with rare skins. Theese accounts are a mix of old and new accounts, that has some or alot of rare skins that is no longer obtainable, and therefor makes them very valueable. All accounts comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY!
What is your Lifetime Warranty?
It’s quite simple – if your League of Legends smurf account gets banned through any fault or defect of our own we will provide you one brand new replacement LoL smurf account FREE OF CHARGE.
Does the Lifetime Warranty actually work?
There is a handfull of highlevel sellers that offers Lifetime Warranty, and actually upholds it, Lolskinshop is one of them! We have very little issues with our accounts, so its not often that we need to replace accounts, but when we do, we do it without any questions asked!
I got banned for being toxic / feeding ingame / hacking / scripting. Is your warranty covering this?
NO! The lifetime warranty only applies to bans related to accountsharing / trading, aswell as any problems caused by us. If you decide to break the general rules of Leauge of Legends that is your choice, but we will not supply you a new account, unless it is indirectly our fault, and related to the account changing ownership.

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