Frequently Asked Questions

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Why Lolskinshop?

How can I trust LoLskinshop?
How can I be sure I will get what I pay for?

Payment methods

What payment options do you accept?
- Your prices are in Euros? Can I pay with a different currency?
My payment got rejected by G2A?


Instant Delivery?
How do you deliver my products?
- I have not recived my product?

General questions

I have a problem with my purchased account / service
Why are you never on the live chat?
Do you offer discounts or coupon codes?
Do you give away free things?

Account related questions?

Are your accounts botted?
What is your Lifetime Warranty?
Does the Lifetime Warranty actually work?
I got banned for being toxic / feeding ingame / hacking / scripting. Is your warranty covering this?

Elo Boosting related questions?

How does this service work?
What makes sure that my account won't get stolen?
Can I be banned for boosting?
Help none is playing my accounts?
I bought a boost, coaching session or DuoQ, what now?

Last message from Andre, the Owner

Lolskinshop.com main focus is to give you, the paying customer your prodct as advertised, as fast as humanly possible. We prefer to do things the right way, right away, to make sure you get your product as fast as possible, and as effortless and problem free as possible. Most of our product pages are highly detailed, with specific information that is very relevant to the product you are looking at, please read it carefully, as it can contact important and relevant information! Thank you for visiting Lolskinshop