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LoL Smurf

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LoL Smurf

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    Level 30 ranked ready smurf, custom leveled, 10+ months of age with full login information and no ranked games played.


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Lol Smurf

A LoL Smurf is a term used for a secondary throwaway account. Originally it started with professional players not wanting to spend hours in the queue to get into a game, which often happens in high elo. Therefore they created a second account where they could get instant queues and just have fun. More information about this can be found in our blog post “Why you should start smurfing in LoL“.

Why would you have the need for a smurf account? for one it’s great to mix gameplay up. Grinding rankings every day can become quite stressful. Sometimes it is just more fun logging into a lower ranked account and just have fun and get some Penta kills and high kill games. To be able to play Ranked games you need to be level 30, and leveling yourself from 1 to 30 is highly ineffective. Lolskinshop are offering you an LoL smurf that lets you pick your desired content and jump directly into ranked games.

We’re offering lol smurfs of all kinds. You need a lot of Blue Essence to pick the content you want yourself? Or maybe you want an account with a lot of champions unlocked? Here you can find everything, it all different price ranges. All our accounts also come with a free lifetime warranty, so you can be sure that your account is safe forever.

Lolskinshop is one of the very few account sellers that has, and actually, upholds their Lifetime Warranty! The warranty is in theory never needed, but if there is a defect on our end, we will replace your account. LSS value our customers and goes far to make sure everyone gets what they pay for, and that every customer is happy about the product their purchase! Never hesitate when you encounter a problem, let us know so we can help you!


Proven trackrecord

Lolskinshop has been in the market for many years, we have sold countless amounts of skins, accounts and elo boosts to people.

It started off with skin codes from 2012 to 2014 and transitioned into elo boosts and lol smurf accounts after that.

In 2020 we are still going strong and offering a huge variety of products for League of Legends.

Lifetime Warranty

As mentioned Lolskinshop offers a Lifetime Warranty for all our LoL Smurf accounts. We are able to do that because our product is so good. The accounts have close to zero issues with and our customers know us by this unique quality.

When purchasing anything here on you can be assured that your privacy and safety is taken seriously. If there are any problems of any kind we want to hear about it so we can deal with it right away.


Our LoL smurf accounts are level 30, clean, ranked ready and high customizable. Here you can choose all kinds of varieties so you can pick what fits you best.

We have sold products to people all over the world for almost 8 years, we have worked with some of the biggest LoL Youtubers.

We have one of the best support systems in place that takes your questions and concerns serious.

Purchase process
Are your accounts botted? sells all kinds of accounts, mainly divided into 3 brackets. LoL smurfs with Blue Essence, LoL accounts with premade champion count LoL accounts with rare skins. LoL smurfs with Influence Points Are professionally botted accounts, they play normal ARAM matchmaking, and plays and acts exactly like a human player on average silver rating. Most people who play against them cannot detect at all that they are bots, neither does Riot. LoL accounts with premade champion count These accounts are manually leveled accounts, randomized to avoid any form of detection LoL accounts with rare skins. These accounts are a mix of old and new accounts, that has some or a lot of rare skins that is no longer obtainable, and therefore make them very valuable. All accounts come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY!

What is your Lifetime Warranty?

It’s quite simple – if your League of Legends smurf account gets banned through any fault or defect of our own we will provide you one brand new replacement LoL smurf account FREE OF CHARGE.

Does the Lifetime Warranty actually work?

There is a handful of high-level sellers that offers Lifetime Warranty, and actually upholds it, Lolskinshop is one of them! We have very little issues with our accounts, so it’s not often that we need to replace accounts, but when we do, we do it without any questions asked!

I got banned for being toxic / feeding ingame / hacking / scripting. Is your warranty covering this?

NO! The lifetime warranty only applies to bans related to accountsharing / trading, aswell as any problems caused by us. If you decide to break the general rules of Leauge of Legends that is your choice, but we will not supply you a new account, unless it is indirectly our fault, and related to the account changing ownership.

Payment process
My account has not arrived yet?

If you have not received the product you paid for, first of all, check your spam folder. For some reason, some of our emails end up there, so please check if your account has already been sent. Secondly, know that Lolskinshop does everything we can to get the account to you as soon as possible. And it’s most likely right around the corner!

How do you deliver products?

All deliveries will be done to the email address you enter on the checkout page! So please make sure that you write it correctly, so the product reaches you as soon as possible!

Instant delivery?

Lolskinshop has a mix of manual and automatic delivery. Unfortunetly there are people who abuse automatic delivery systems, and therefor we cannot fully offer it for all our services. Products that has automatic delivery: Guides Elo Boost – (automaticly sent to our boosting system) Coaching – (automaticly sent to our boosting system) Manual deliveries All forms for accounts Riot ward skin Name change service. Lolskinshop is manually manned 16 hours a day, 24/7, 365 days a year. So in most cases you will get your account close to instantly. In rare cases it can take up too 12 or 24 hours for delivery