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Level 30 LoL Smurf

Our LoL smurf accounts are high quality LoL accounts that have been professionally leveled to level 30. The levelling process is handled with extreme care to make sure our LoL Smurfs is 100% bullet proof and is made to last forever! Quality control is Lolskinshop’s number one priority, we offer you a LoL smurfs that are of the highest quality, and that also comes with a lifetime warranty. Our accounts are ranked ready, which means you can directly jump into ranked games, they fulfil all the criteria’s.
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Lifetime Warranty

All our LoL Smurfs comes with a free lifetime Warranty, Lolskinshop is one of the very few account sellers that has, and actually, upholds their Lifetime Warranty! The warranty is in theory never needed, but if there is a defect on our end, we will replace your account. We value our customers, and goes far to make sure everyone gets what they pay for, and that every customer is happy about the product their purchase!Never hesitate when you encounter a problem, let us know so we can help you! This makes Lolskinshop the best choice, because you do not risk anything with your purchase. If you encountered a problem with one of our products, simply contact support and we’ll handle your problem straight away. If you need your account replaced, we will get that done within a matter of days. We are happy to help, and we always put our customers first.
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Accounts with Champions

All our LoL Smurfs comes with a preset amount of Champions, you decide how big of an account you want to buy. The account you get will have the guaranteed champion count that is listed on the LoL Smurf option you chose. Friendly reminder: the bigger account you buy, the more content it will have, as in runes, skins, icons. This is meant for people that do not want to spend hours upon hours grinding IP to unlock the champions of their choice.  It could take up to 100 games to unlock a 6300 IP champion. So do not waste your time and buy an account that already has your favorite champion(s) on it! We have a wide variety of options for you to choose from. Choose carefully, it will save you time and money in the long run!
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Unverified & Ranked Ready

All our LoL accounts are level 30 accounts, who are Ranked Ready, for people who has the desire to directly jump into ranked games, this means everything. All the required content needed to play ranked is on the accounts, so shortly after receiving it, you can instantly queue for ranked games! In other words, the perfect account for those who wants a smurf to play ranked games! All accounts is unverified and unregistered, so you can quickly and safely get them registered on your own email address! At Lolskinshop, we don’t deliver half-assed products. Our League of Legends accounts are all top quality and have the highest standards to them. This includes all the previous things. We do all the dirty work, so you can get right into the game. It’s as simple as that.  We deliver everything you need to minimize the amount of time you’ll have to spend on getting ready to play on a fresh League of Legends account. Don’t waste your time spending months on leveling an account up. You have better things to do!
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The Perfect LoL Smurf

Our LoL Smurf accounts has it all, we have done the grind for you, saved you over hundreds of hours, made it safe and ready for you to enter and do what YOU want to do in-game! The perfect account for those who wants a secondary account to play ranked games with. The perfect account for those who wants a brand new main account or a lol account on a different server to play with their friends! The perfect account for someone who takes the game seriously, and wants another account to prove himself worthy of a high rank again. The perfect account for you. And it’s ready to be activated with the click of a button. Think about what you could do with literally hundreds of hours saved. That’s not something to take lightly. And it’s definitely worth much more than the amount you’ll spend.
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Customer Reviews

Lolskinshop has been in business since mid-2013, we started off selling skin codes and quickly grew to become one of the biggest actors in the market. During our prime, we worked with huge YouTuber’s and currently is a partner store of Over the years we have sold products to more then 10000 customers, with very little issues. This makes Lolskinshop one of the most trusted names in the business. We have delivered countless of products without error. If anyone ever encountered an issue, we helped them immediately and solved their issue as fast as possible. We will continue to do so in the future, because we want to make the customer experience as enjoyable as possible. We constantly strive to improve, so please leave a review and tell us what you liked and what we could improve on. Thank you! Feel free to check out our reviews page
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Addon Services

LoL Guides

Lolskinshop’s highly skilled Challenger boosting team has crafted one of a kind LoL guides, that will improve your play, that’s a guarantee! Pick one as an addon option and get 50% off with the purchase off an LoL SmurfLol guides

Elo Boosting

Do you want a head start in the ranked ladder or secure your season end rewards, to get the in-game icons, borders, and victorious skin? Check out our discounted boosting options to go along with your new LoL Smurf Lol smurf boost

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