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LoL Smurfs with IP or Champions

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    Addons for our smurfs

    We can play your first 10 placement ranked League of Legends matches, or get you directly to either Gold, Platinum or Diamond!

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Region: North America (NA)

Level: 30

Blue Essence: 20,000+BE

Unranked: Fresh MMR

Unverified Email: North America (NA)

Warranty: 30

Instant Delivery 24/7: 20,000+BE

LoL Smurf description

All our LoL Smurfs comes with a free lifetime Warranty, Lolskinshop is one of the very few account sellers that has, and actually, upholds their Lifetime Warranty! The warranty is in theory never needed, but if there is a defect on our end, we will replace your account. We value our customers, and goes far to make sure everyone gets what they pay for, and that every customer is happy about the product their purchase! Never hesitate when you encounter a problem, let us know so we can help you!

This makes Lolskinshop the best choice, because you do not risk anything with your purchase. If you encountered a problem with one of our products, simply contact support and we’ll handle your problem straight away. If you need your account replaced, we will get that done within a matter of days. We are happy to help, and we always put our customers first.

Purchase process
Are your accounts botted? sells all kinds of accounts, mainly divided into 3 brackets. LoL smurfs with Influence Points LoL accounts with premade champion count LoL accounts with rare skins. LoL smurfs with Influence Points Are professionally botted accounts, they play normal ARAM matchmaking, and plays and acts exactly like a human player on average silver rating. Most people who play against them cannot detect at all that they are bots, neither does Riot. LoL accounts with premade champion count These accounts are manually leveled accounts, randomized to avoid any form of detection LoL accounts with rare skins. These accounts are a mix of old and new accounts, that has some or a lot of rare skins that is no longer obtainable, and therefore make them very valuable. All accounts come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY!

What is your Lifetime Warranty?

It’s quite simple – if your League of Legends smurf account gets banned through any fault or defect of our own we will provide you one brand new replacement LoL smurf account FREE OF CHARGE.

Does the Lifetime Warranty actually work?

There is a handful of high-level sellers that offers Lifetime Warranty, and actually upholds it, Lolskinshop is one of them! We have very little issues with our accounts, so it’s not often that we need to replace accounts, but when we do, we do it without any questions asked!

I got banned for being toxic / feeding ingame / hacking / scripting. Is your warranty covering this?

NO! The lifetime warranty only applies to bans related to accountsharing / trading, aswell as any problems caused by us. If you decide to break the general rules of Leauge of Legends that is your choice, but we will not supply you a new account, unless it is indirectly our fault, and related to the account changing ownership.

Payment process
My account has not arrived yet?

If you have not received the product you paid for, first of all, check your spam folder. For some reason, some of our emails end up there, so please check if your account has already been sent. Secondly, know that Lolskinshop does everything we can to get the account to you as soon as possible. And it’s most likely right around the corner!

How do you deliver products?

All deliveries will be done to the email address you enter on the checkout page! So please make sure that you write it correctly, so the product reaches you as soon as possible!

Instant delivery?

Lolskinshop has a mix of manual and automatic delivery. Unfortunetly there are people who abuse automatic delivery systems, and therefor we cannot fully offer it for all our services. Products that has automatic delivery: Guides Elo Boost – (automaticly sent to our boosting system) Coaching – (automaticly sent to our boosting system) Manual deliveries All forms for accounts Riot ward skin Name change service. Lolskinshop is manually manned 16 hours a day, 24/7, 365 days a year. So in most cases you will get your account close to instantly. In rare cases it can take up too 12 or 24 hours for delivery



They send me a new Ward Skin code. This time it worked! Recommed them! very fast support

marcos bau

I been using this web page now since 3 or 4 years, never got a problem just 1 accnt baned and didnt think it was them fault at all, soo if you ask me would you buy again in this web site, ofcourse i do is a pleasure to buy accnt and smurfing them to diamond <3, SOMETIMES YOU GOT RARE StUFF XD


Super awesome website! I’ve been wanting a Black Alistar skin for years and I finally got it! I never leave reviews but this site deserves one!


Bought 100 dollar account, reliable, nice support


Hi im AYOabbadon worked relly good


So yeah i bought a ward skin. Was kinda satisfied with the purchase. One thing i would take as negative was the waiting time since on the website is written taht im gotta to wait max 24 hours for the code, I had to wait more than that (ca 30hours),


I got what i asked for. good site for buying rare accounts got mine in less then 10 minutes.


The skin code worked for me perfectly. I can only apreciate it to buy a skin code here.


Reliable, reasonable fast and nice Support

Sebastian Elbo Jensen

Cool skin


So, I bought an elo boost here cuz i was too annoyed being stuck in my ex-division. Everything was fine, it took boosters like 2 days as said, so yea, I am satisfied with the purchase. I def recommend this shop. Cya and thanks! ^w^


Thanks just got my account , everything is fine ..just a delivery time problem but everything good at the end


Very good damn transaction! 100% legit and professional service. Im gonna definietly buy something in the future.


Really nice support. Thumbs up!


Great Support it only took 10 min for Andre to answer my email. Keep up the good work!


Got my PBE account in 24 hours thanks!




I have purchased several accounts from this site and I have got the the detail of them with on problems with any of them. The accounts I have purchased are not just normal I have also purchased a PBE account and it had no problems either. This is why I give this service 5 stars because it is well priced and reliable.

fevzi alperen

tahnk you so much


Awesome Service ! Got my elo within 1-2 days