Why You Should Start Smurfing in League of Legends

Why You Should Start Smurfing in League of Legends

LoL Smurfing is popular

We have all seen the presence of smurfs both in our games and on twitch.tv

But why is this so popular? What makes smurfing so cool and overall needed?

1. Why do people smurf in LoL?

It originally started with professional players who reached the top rankings in the game and the queues would take forever. They could only play at peek hours when other high ranked players also played.

This led to the pro’s making a secondary account, both to have fun on, and get instant queues again. As we all know, playing versus worse players at times is exactly what you need to get that extra feel of accomplishment out of the game. High ranked games and pushing hard to increase your personal ranking can be very draining both physically and mentally at times.

We have all tilted, we have all been really mad at the game, often we have felt that we stagnate and cannot progress higher on our main account. At those moments a smurf account is absolutely golden, you can log in to your smurf and simply chill out and play easier games and get the feeling of demolishing your opponents again, and forcing the dreaded “elo hell” on other players.

The last reason as to why people have smurf accounts is how League of Legends is set up with different servers, if you want to play on, for example, the NA, EUW and EUNE server you would need 3 different accounts to be able to do this.

lol players by region

2. It’s good for practice

We all sometimes just want to try new stuff in a competitive setting, normal games don’t always offer the same level of competition as ranked games do.

Do you want to try out that AP Rammus? or Support Riven? without damaging your ranking on your main account? It surely would be nice to have a second account to play around on.

The pressure is also off when you go on your smurf account, no one knows who you are, no one sees your failures, your progress does not matter the same way as on your main account. You can simply relax and play whatever you want and have a laugh, trying out new champions and builds, while still being in a competitive game where people actually care and try to win the games.

The practice tool is nice to learn how champions work and master their mechanics, but if you want to become really good on a new champion and build you want to train with it in a ranked environment where people tend to put in more effort and try their hardest to win games.

lol practice tool

3. LoL Smurfing is fun

Let’s be honest here, stomping games often is a lot of fun and makes you feel good. Going on 15-0 killing sprees and carrying games is quite enjoyable and often exactly what you need if you are in a slump on your main account.

The pressure is 100% off and you can goof around, do stupid but funny plays, try to 1vs5, go for Penta kills and the list goes on. This normally ain’t possible on your main account where you have reached the upper threshold of your potential ranking.

On your main you want to play the champions you are the best with to increase your chances of winning the game and climbing to a higher rank.

Contrary to your smurf, you can do whatever you want without those obligations, it can be your fun central, where you go to play stress-free games and simply just have a blast and dropping huge troll bombs on all your enemies.

Why You Should Start Smurfing in League of Legends

4. Leveling a new smurf?

Leveling a smurf from scratch is both expensive and very time-consuming. You need to reach level 30 to play ranked games which can take up to 100 hours and you normally have to spend a lot of cash to get the content you want.

Luckily for you, Lolskinshop is in the business of selling smurfs. We have endless varieties, some smurfs come with a lot of champions unlocked, some come with no content but a lot of Blue Essence so you can choose the content yourself. They are the typical standard options for lol smurfing and they are overall way cheaper and time effective compared to leveling your own new account.

If you want to go even further, we have a lot of accounts with rare skins, start off your new smurf with some of the rarest skins in the game. These skins are all limited, which means they aren’t possible to obtain in-game anymore. This can be a perfect opportunity for you when you are choosing your new smurf account.

We have accounts in all price ranges, some examples are level 30 lol smurfs with 30.000 Blue essence for 20 euros

Level 1 – 30 accounts with rare skins like King Rammus, Ufo Corki and Judgement Kayle from 20 euros.

Why You Should Start Smurfing in League of Legends

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