Top 10 Rarest Skins in Overwatch in 2024

Top 10 Rarest Skins in Overwatch in 2024

As someone who enjoys collecting skins in Overwatch, I was curious to look into what are the rarest cosmetics in the game and how many of them I have. In this post, we’ll take a deep dive into some of the rarest skins in Overwatch 2 as of 2024. From limited-time event exclusives to expensive crossover items, these skins are the ultimate flex for dedicated collectors.

Kerrigan Widowmaker:

One of the rarest skins in Overwatch 2 is the Kerrigan Widowmaker, a crossover with Blizzard’s iconic Starcraft franchise. This skin transforms Widowmaker into the deadly Starcraft sniper, Kerrigan. Unfortunately, Blizzard has permanently shut the door on obtaining this skin, making it a true rarity among players.

Weightlifter Zarya:

Released during the 2016 Olympic Games, the Weightlifter Zarya skin is another elusive cosmetic. As the Olympics only occur every four years, this skin should naturally be quite rare. However, there is a possibility that it may return to the shop during future Olympic events or even randomly appear in the summer section. Only time will tell just how rare this skin will remain.

BlizzCon Winston:

The BlizzCon Winston skin, released during the 2017 BlizzCon event, is one of the most valuable skins in Overwatch 2. The only way to obtain this skin was by purchasing a ticket to BlizzCon itself. Unredeemed codes for this skin can still be found on eBay, but they come with a hefty price tag of $200 or more. As time passes, the value of this skin is expected to continue rising.

Demon Hunter Sombra:


  While the Demon Hunter Sombra skin was initially an exclusive for the 2018 BlizzCon event, it was later made available during a Halloween Terror event. Players could unlock this skin by winning a certain number of games. Despite its initial rarity, the reintroduction of this skin has made it more accessible to players.

BlizzCon Bastion:

Similar to the BlizzCon Winston skin, the BlizzCon Bastion skin was only obtainable through purchasing a ticket to the 2016 BlizzCon event. Unclaimed codes for this skin can sell for an astonishing $900 to $1000 on eBay, making it one of the most expensive skins in Overwatch 2. But just so you know, getting that skin won’t help you reach master rank, but I know what will. Check out these cheap duo carry services and don’t let the trolls ruin your games anymore.

Nano Cola D.Va:

The Nano Cola D.Va skin is an epic rarity skin that was available through an event challenge. This vibrant and colorful skin transforms D.Va’s mech into a vending machine-inspired design, complete with a soda can motif. As an event-exclusive skin, the Nano Cola D.Va is a rare sight on the battlefield.

Thunder Doomfist:

Doomfist’s Thunder skin is a rare skin that can be obtained from the Overwatch League shop for 200 Overwatch League tokens. This skin gives Doomfist a striking blue and yellow color scheme, reminiscent of a thunderstorm. Its availability through the Overwatch League shop makes it a less common sight in-game.

Maestro Sigma:

The Maestro Sigma skin, an epic rarity cosmetic, was available through an event challenge when Sigma was first released. This skin dresses Sigma in a dapper, music-inspired outfit, complete with a conductor’s hat and baton. As an event-exclusive skin from Sigma’s early days, the Maestro skin is a rarity among players.

Combat Medic Baptiste:

Baptiste’s Combat Medic skin, an epic rarity item, was obtainable through an event challenge. This skin gives Baptiste a more militaristic appearance, with a camouflage-patterned outfit and a red cross on his helmet. As an event-limited skin, the Combat Medic Baptiste is an uncommon sight on the battlefield.

Pink Mercy:

The Pink Mercy skin is a legendary rarity cosmetic that was available for purchase in the item shop, with all proceeds going to charity. This skin transforms Mercy into a stunning pink-themed outfit, complete with a vibrant pink halo and wings. While many players purchased this skin to support the charitable cause, its limited-time availability still makes it a relatively rare sight in Overwatch 2.  

  Overwatch 2 has no shortage of rare and exclusive skins that showcase a player’s dedication to the game. From limited-time event skins to expensive crossover items, these cosmetics are the ultimate status symbol within the community. I’ve got all of the skins, how many have you got?

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