Riot Ward skin

Your Riot Fistbump skin available from 49 euros.

About this product

the Riot ward skin changes the ingame ward to look like the Riot logo, the well known riot fistbump skin logo. The Riot fistbump skin is only given out at special events, such as Pax, Gamescom and Riot official tournaments and therefor very rare for the rest of the world! Very few has this skin.

This skin feature Riots logo as a ward, when placed ingame you show real uniqueness simply by owning such a rare skin. Due to how hard it is to get working codes, this is currently extreamly rare and almost impossible to get.

If you want to show off in League of Legends, this is the skin for you! We have a very small pool of available skins left, and right now, this is the only skin we offer in code form, so grab it while you can!

This skin is known as the Riot ward skin, or the Riot fistbump skin

Delivery Of the Riot Ward skin

  • The code will be delivered to the mail you enter on the checkout, normally close to right away, but maximum 24 hours later.
  • <You will be sent a skin code, tht you redeem in the “codes” tab ingame
  • If you have any questions, feel free to use our “contact support” on the bottom right of our website

Riot Fistbump Ward ingame picture and video

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Riot Ward skin

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Riot Ward skin code – IN STOCK

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