Grey Warwick and Medieval Twitch

Grey Warwick

Grey Warwick is available for anyone who referred 3 friends to League of Legends. Your friend’s account needs at least a summoner level of 10. Due how hard it is to get 3 referred friends, Grey Warwick is a rare skin which is rarely seen in game. Lolskinshop allows you to obtain Grey Warwick and or Medieval Twitch at great prices and without any hassle.

Together with the skin Grey Warwick and Medieval Twitch you get the Champion Warwick and Twitch 3k IP!

Medieval Twitch

Medieval Twitch requires 5 referred friends, besides the rare skin Medieval Twitch you also get another 2k IP.

How does it work

  • Buy the skin by ordering here
  • Send me a message through the support system with your order ID, aswell as you referal link, which you can find at (Change the euw to na if you do not play on that server.
  • The rewards can be redeemed on your rewards page on, after an order is completed, an order might take 7¬†days+.
  • After you ordered, go to to see the progress. This is also the page where you redeem the rewards. Keep in mind that this page does not update in real time..
Midieval Twitch rare skin

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Grey Warwick and Medieval Twitch


Grey Warwick, Medieval Twitch skin +5000 IP