Heartbreaker Vi

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Wonder how to get Heartbreaker Vi? The skin is in the Legacy vault, which means it is not available in the store. However, you can obtain it in 3 ways: as Loot from Hextech and Mastery Chests, as Random content from rerolling cosmetic content, as Mystery content from Mystery Gifts! Vi plays fast and loose with the rules of love, leaving a long trail of broken hearts (and, sometimes, bodies) in her wake. After many years, she’s finally encountered a new rival worthy of her strength… almost too worthy. This skin is a part of the Valentine’s Day skin line. They always feature amazing updated graphics and animations that make battles ingame absolutely stunning! If you want to check out the new patch, Lolskinshop can help you, we are selling PBE accounts. Note Lolskinshop.com does not sell this skin, never have, and most likely never will! This page is an information page. We have collected all the different parts needed to create one good page that highlights every part of this specific league of legends skin. We would also like to point out that the only way to ever getting this skin is through Loot from Hextech, Mastery Chests, and Mystery Gifts. There is no point looking for it on Ebay or other third party sites, it simply does not exist!

Heartbreaker Vi skin review and information.

Category Legacy skin
Price 1350
Concept Vi as a Heartbreaker
Model New model, textures and animations!
Particles All new skill particles and animations!
Animations New animation particles for every skill!
Sounds New Valentine’s Day inspired sounds

Heartbreaker Vi skin in game picture, splash art, and youtube video

Heartbreaker Vi

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