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The Improve your game: Bundle consists of:

– 2 Unique high quality champion guides – 1 hour coaching with our top Challenger coach Mr. Fox – 2 games of DuoQueue

The goal of this package is to make you a better player. Nothing more, nothing less!

The easiest way you can do that, is to learn from the best. We have a proven track record of improving peoples game! Get an unique bundle of coaching, guidance and duoqueueing, and learn how to climb the ranks yourself!

Mr. Fox is a very high elo player with 1800 elo experience back from Season 1 and now sitting in Challenger top 50 in EUW.

He has coached around 80 players so far, every single one of them has advanced in the ladder after taking lessons. If you want to increase your knowledge and game impact in the game that you love then this is your chance!

A message from Mr. Fox

I am one of the most experienced players in Europe having one of the highest amount of games, undoubtedly. I have reached Challenger top 50 since Season 3 and have got 5 accounts into Challenger and around 15+ to Masters. I can coach every role up to Diamond I level. I have a very flexible schedual so I can coach you almost at any time you wish! I will teach you every aspect of the game and show you how to improve on the parts that you’re currently weak at. My champion pool is VERY huge. I can show you tricks/tips in all matchups and make you understand your champions a lot better. I can use voice chat, if there’s a wish. I can coach in ALL servers! I have coached people in literally every elo.

Why take coaching lessons?

Coaching is the most useful way of developing a player’s skills, abilities , mentality and ingame performance. It helps you deal with issues and challenges that have been possibly unseen problems for you so far. Coaching is a corrective tool that is used in every profession in life, especially in sports and esports where it’s a must nowadays. In order to become succesful and keep up the high learning curve, every professional team has a coach and often even coaches have coaches. This rule also applies for soloque! If your goal is to get past other players quicker than you are right now, you’ll have to consult more knowledgeable and qualified players. We offer the highest level of SoloQ coaching that there is possible in the whole League of Legends scene. Our coaches have been passionately lectured and lead over 500 players within 2 years while having 100% positive feedback and always a rise in ladder! Your coaches will be people who have played in LCS / Challenger series or are multiple times Challenger account owners in either EUW or NA region. If you’re interested in someone pointing out your flaws, working on them and sharing you the tricks and tips of SoloQ, don’t hesitate to contact us! Our scheduals are very flexible, we coach in EVERY region and we can coach EVERY champion & role to the most top of the top level possible!

Results, feedback, and testimonials from customers

by WideAwake

This guy coached me. I was Gold V, now Dia IV (fast approaching Dia 1). I repeat “COACHED” :-]

Just had another awesome 3 hour coaching session with Mr Fox. He thought me some good things about the jungle. Was a little worried when the new jungle changes came. But he helped me to get into it. Learnt J4 Shaco and Amumu. And well i hope to crush some more noobs now. Challenger here i come DDD XD Thanks dude (Y)
He was so nice. Learnt some really good stuff about the champ i wanted to learn ( Lee Sin) Now i really know why i sucked so much as lee sin xd I hope to grind some elo now and just get better at the game. Thanks so much ! Definitely gonna come back for more coaching ! He is really good at the game and knows what he is doing. One of the best coaches out there A++ Edit: Took 1 game lee sin ranked after the coaching i went like 5/1 after 10-15 min. So good coach
Did 2 hours of Coaching. I’m a Platin1 adc with diamond MMR.He did pretty well,first spectated a game and than anaylzed one with me step for step.he is really really friendly and he definitly knows what he is teaching! 10/10 . Amazing this guy!!
some months ago i bought coaching lessons, i still dont regret it 🙂
I’ve taken his boost service AND coaching and I swear, this guy is probably one of the best teachers around. Took 8 hours of coaching in total and every second of it has been worth! GG, thanks
Perfect coaching, made me 3x more confident and fixed most of my flaws! HUGE THANKS! Will contact you again
Booked him for 2 hours to get the hang of each other. Thats the first coaching service i am going to use again. in the first 2 hours he already told me most of my mistakes what i have to train and how i have to train it. i can recommend this guy and will book him again !
Had 1 hour of coaching and he gave me some great tips which I’ll have a lot of use of in the future.
Very Friendly, Helped me out a lot. if you want to improve in league just let him teach you ^_^
Hi guys, looking for a coach? Well, you guys come to the right place. Honestly, he’s one of the best coaching out there. The quality/professionalism/friendly and his knowledge are faker level. Will definitely buy more lessons from him.
Really good coach, took 5 hours today and I swear to god, never been more satisfied with a service/coaching! I will definately come back in near future
Bought 2 Hours of Katarina Coaching from him . He told me a lot of usfull Tips and Spots to rek the Enemy Team . Also explaned how to play Katarina in Lane everything Good I will try to Improof the tips and become better with Katarina . 10/10 Would buy again .
Great Coach. His way of teaching is just a little bit different making it perfect. He’s definitely worth the money. Going to get a few more later!
Great player, he gave me a lesson about Tryndamere, told me how to build him, depending on the situation, how to win lane and what Tryndamere’s role is as a top player. He also played one game on my PlatIV to show me how he plays Tryndamere top.Besides that, I asked him a few questions about junglers, which are the best atm, how to do some things as a jungler etc.He really knows a lot about the game and is really worth the money! Will use his coaching in the near future for sure! +++
the coaching was so usefull and I learned so much things that I didn’t know and I thought I know everything , and he really worth the money , u will feel more comfortable playin lol after him
잘 못
Awesome Teacher. Only booked an hour but was filled with valuable info, I now feel a lot more confidant in my role(s) and what to do and when. Will be using again! Thanks!
Worth the money, knows what he is doing and telling you. Trusted 110% Gave me a Kha Lesson ( never really played Kha before) and he told me some tactics, tricks and things I should do to win the lane or i if I lose how to keep up with the enemy
Great coach taught me some invaluable things at plat 5 to allow me to progress futher!
Had 1 hour of coaching and he gave me some great tips which I’ll have a lot of use of in the future.
He gave me some tips and tricks on Syndra and Ziggs, very good, always friendly, great coach.
Really good coach, Improved my farming my build my play style over improved everything
great coaching service, nice good and very knowledgeable will go again for sure
Just took a lesson focused on kat and gragas, truly good player and person! I reccomend this guy
Really nice coach Did me a discount since i didnt have the money for the lesson, really really nice guy
Super awesome guy. Will buy again once I sort out the things i need to with my play.
Spent only 2 hours with him and have learnt quite a lot of things to apply myself. Definitely coming back for more lessons. I recommend this guy! Friendly and skillful!
Friendly\skilled guy, played some with him and he knows what hes talking about. I would recommend him to others.
Just did a 3 hour lesson with him. We focused on Vayne and I feel so much more comfortable playing after the lesson. thanks! <3
Very good! He know the game pretty well. Learn new combos with Lee Sin. In addition to counter-jungling, we taught me how to defend my jungle as well.
Just got 2 hours of coaching, i can say i learned more than what i started with, and will buy more in the future when i have time
Gave me a Kata Lesson. Nice coaching, knows a lot about every Champ and how to win your lane/how to carry your team and what you have to do and what you are able to. Will buy some coaching in the future again, 110% worth.
Brought 1 Hour to test him out. Already learnt A LOT !!!! He’s a brilliant tutor. One of the cheapest yet best.
Very good coacher! Bought 2 hours and I improved my Gragas Skills very much Thank you very much, will contact you when I need your help again!
Had my first 2 hours of coaching from this guy Learned a lot ! thanks, think i’ll do more soon
dAt Random gUy
I can really recommend his Service! He explained a lot of things. Also you can ask him everything, he’ll answer you every question Very friendly guy.
This guy is amazing! He has great knowledge on every role and gave ne really good advices on adc/support.If ur looking for good coach with fair prices dont hesitate to message him.
Just had 1 hour of coaching, to get to know the guy. I’m very happy with what I learned. I will repeat this for sure in the near future. Thanks Mr. Fox !
just had a great coaching experience with him. very informative/critical throughout the entire lesson and wastes no time. I highly recommend his lessons if you’re looking to improve your own play and get an eye opener.
Awesome got 2 hours from him learned things I never knew, would diffidently recommend and come back to again
Got 2 hours of coaching from this guy and he’s overall nice guy and really pleasant to deal with As far as the coaching content goes I’d say the service was just as good as I expected it to be and I definitely learned new things and improved my attitude towards playing my lane and how to get better. Would recommend.
Just did a 2 hours lesson focusing on cait. Very friendly guy and told me some very useful info not only for cait but all adc like how to build and team comp etc. Would recommend to everyone who really wants to learn something. 5*/5* <3
Very good coach! Take’s time to listen to questions and explain’s everything very clearly and detailed. I took 4 hours of coaching and already felt like i learned alot from him and my gameplay has improved. I’ts definatly worth it and for a good price! I advise everyone who’s thinking of coaching to come to Mr.Fox!
Very very good Coach! I’ve never learned so much about LoL! He teached me very well top lane and im able in 80% to carry my teams now! Going to buy more hours =) #trusted
Really helpfull coaching, nice guy!
Awesome!!!! Great Teacher just got to Gold Thank you


Hi, I’m a LoL newbie (Silver V). I have done 3 hours of coaching with Mr.Fox and I’m pretty happy with the results so far. By doing 1v1 he noticed all my mistakes and gave me a lot of useful hints in order to improve my playstyle. I will definitely purchase other sessions with him, he is a very experienced player and can help anyone to master every role.

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