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Kassadin guide, Kassadin Lol guide, Kassadin league of legends guide Skiv is a Challenger Kassadin main with thousands of Kassadin games under his belt and tons of success at every ELO with him. He packs experience, superior analysis and in-game mechanics with his eccentric early-game carry-oriented playstyle which is nearly unmatched in the EUW region.
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Kassadin guide summary

Kassadin is an easy to pick up as a champion, but hard to master. He’s an unique anti-mage and anti-carry champion. Learning Kassadin will add a very valuable counter-pick to nearly all of the meta magic-damage based champions and many others to your champion pool! Our guide explains every aspect of Kassadin from your role in the team to the suitable play-style and strategy!

What makes this guide unique?

Extremely in depth guide on Kassadin! Top Kassadin of EUW Challenger with massive experience! Teaches you everything from attitude, through builds and match-ups to subtle in-game mechanics, strategies and combos! Perfect for anyone who wants to pick up Kassadin and quickly master him!

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Table of contents

Summoner Spells Runes Masteries Abilities Items Champion Matchups About me Kassadin in general Mindset
Playstyle Champion synergies Laning Top Lane Powerspikes Mechanics Combos CSing Tracking cooldowns
Roaming Specific champion mentions and counterplay Midgame Lategame Teamfighting Map awareness Warding BM-ing Final Words

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