Katarina Mid Challenger Guide

By the most played Katarina player EUW

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Katarina Guide Summary:

Katarina is definitely one of the highest mechanical Champions that League has to offer! There isn’t a single higher risk and reward champion in the whole game. She is one of the very few champions that can carry the whole team on her back COMPLETELY alone! I will show you as detailed as possible how to use your mechanics and decisionmaking to the highest extend possible. Katarina is a champion that you can get to Rank 1 with on any server, at any time, in any meta! If you’re looking for a champion to master, there isn’t a single more secure option over Katarina.If you’re a playmaker, love adrenaline and enjoy rewarding wins – this is definitely for you!

What makes this guide unique?

– Composed by a 5x Challenger player since Season 3 in EUW. – One of the most played Katarina players of all time! Over 4000 Katarina games since Season 2 up to present! – Teaches you how to carry with Katarina from Bronze up to Challenger and how to adapt in every elo without making things complicated. – Guide also includes full gameplay commentary / analysis, combo videos and situational behaviors. – Shows you how to use the maximum of your potential as a carry player not only as Katarina! – Most effective and advanced Katarina guide on the web! EVERYTHING is covered!

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Summoner Spells Runes Masteries Abilities Items Champion Matchups About me Katarina in general Champion select & synergies Mindset & behavior
Laning Powerspikes Combos CSing perfectly Tracking cooldowns Roaming & invading Tricks Special mention champions and playstyles Midgame
Lategame Teamfighting Playstyle Map awareness Warding Communication with your team Gameplay commentary How to learn quick Final words Update Log

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