Lol Korea account

Korea smurf account for League of Legends

A Korean smurf is the ultimate challange, test your skills vs the best in the korean soloQ!

The accounts are verfied, so you will recive the accountname, password and email login details, so you can change that yourself.

The lol korean account are hard to get, because they require koreans to submit their social security number when they create an account.
Regardless of that, Lolskinshop have many Korean smurf accounts in stock and is really to help you out!

Every proffesional streamer has a korean smurf account, and many of them have managed to climb all the way to the top of the Korean Ladder, frequently putting them in games with players like Faker and other Korean superstars.
Are you up for the challenge? How far do you think you can climb vs the mighty Koreans!

You can download the Korean client here

How does it work

  • You buy the account here on this page
  • We will mail the account information to your mail (The one you used through paypal)
  • This has a 24 hours estimated delivery time , from when you have ordered!
  • The premade smurf account is available for the korean server

LoL Korean account

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Korean smurf account