PAX Sivir

Skin spotlight of PAX Sivir lol skin

PAX Sivir was previously given out on PAX events to a very small pool of people. PAX Sivir has never been sold in the ingame store to the public and is therefor one of the rarest skins for League of Legends. PAX Sivir is themed after the Tron universe putting Sivir in a Tron suit. Add to that Sivir received a visual upgrade not so long ago, this skin looks great in game. You could buy PAX Sivir in my shop back in the day, but unfortunetly Riot disabled all old skincodes for League of Legends Sivir war also our most popular skin when we were selling this skin

Codes disabled

Furing summer 2014 Riot disabled all old skin codes, and this is no longer obtainable Too see our current products for sale, please check our frontpage or the products tab

Pax Sivir skin review and information

Skin category Exclusive
Price Not applicable
Concept Sivir enters the Grid dressed in Tron-style gear while her Boomerang becomes a giant digital pad.
 Model New model for Sivir and her Boomerang.
 Particles New boomerang particles for Boomerang Blade, Ricochet and her auto-attack. New red trail for Boomerang Blade.
 Animations No new animations.
 Sounds No new sounds.
PAX Sivir rare skin

Pax Sivir ingame picture, splash art, and youtube video

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Pax Sivir

299,00 In stock

Pax Sivir skin for League of Legends ingame picture splash art