Riot Singed

Skin spotlight of Riot Singed lol skin

This is the Riot Singed skin for League of legends, it features the champion in full riot gear. Instead of having his typical flask on his back, he insted wears a shield, and riot gear Riot Singed was normally only available via promotional codes. It was first gifted at the Gamescom and other events that Riot Games attends, such as PAX It is now a very rare skin to get your hands on.

Codes disabled

During summer 2014 Riot disabled all old skin codes, and this is no longer obtainable. Too see our current products for sale, please check our frontpage or the products tab

Riot Singed skin review and information

Skin category Legacy, Promotional
Price 975 RP
Concept Singed as a riot policeman.
 Model Moderate model changes for Singed and new model for his shield.
 Particles New colour for Poison Trail.
 Animations No new animations.
 Sounds No new sounds

Riot Singed ingame picture, splash art, and youtube video

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Riot Singed

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Riot Singed skin for League of Legends ingame picture splash art