Tempest Janna

Skin spotlight of Tempest Janna lol skin

Growing up as an orphan in Zaun, Janna has always had magical abilities that exceeded anyone’s comprehension. After a fateful incident in the backways of the chaotic city of Zaun, Janna decided to use her powers and abilities to protect and help people, instead of steal from them. Janna is part of the League of Legends to restore peace and harmony to her city-state of Zaun and prove her mettle on the Fields of Justice. The Tempest Janna skin is a Legacy League of Legends skin that is no longer available for purchase through the ingame store. Once sold for 520 RP, the Tempest Janna skin gives you a pretty low cost way to change the look of Janna completely through the bright ingame model redesign. Tempest Janna is redone with bright white hair and a blue outfit that gives her a completely new look that works very well in action. Unfortunately there are no new animations for any of her abilities, or new particle effects. Outside of the black and blue outfit retexture and recoloring, there’s not much else to the Tempest Janna skin. The splash art for the Tempest Janna skin looks great with a scantily clad Janna floating through the air with her magic staff. The background is ominous if not a bit too dark, her giant ice headband looks good but the lack of detail takes away from the skin’s splash. With the lack of changes to her affects you might not be one of those LoL players who want this skin to return to the store but for a low cost change of pace at 520 RP, the Tempest Janna isn’t a bad buy. Note Lolskinshop.com does not sell this skin, never have, and most likely never will! This page is an information page. We have collected all the different parts needed to create one good page that highlights every part of this specific league of legends skin. We would also like to point out that the only way to ever getting this skin is through the official Riot store, where you buy it for Riot points. There is no point looking for it on Ebay or other third party sites, it simply does not exist!

Tempest Janna skin review and information.

Category Legacy
Price 520 RP
Concept Janna dressed in black clothes with white hair and eyes.
Model Minor model changes for Janna, new model for her staff.
Particles No new particles.
Animations No new animations.
Sounds No new sounds.

Tempest Janna ingame picture, splash art, and youtube video

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Tempest Janna


Tempest Janna skin for League of Legends ingame picture splash art