Woad King Darius

Skin spotlight of Woad King Darius lol skin

Darius is the Hand of Noxus and one of the most feared and ruthless warriors in all the land. Darius has delivered many victories on the battlefield in the name of his people, and looks to rid his nation of perceived weakness. Looking to eliminate and remove corrupt or weak minded politicians, Darius lives to unite the people of Noxus in his name. The Woad King Darius skin is a regular League of Legends skin that’s available for purchase now through the ingame store for 975 RP. This new skin features the fearsome Noxian warrior as a Pict fighter and provides a new ingame model and changes to his axe. In action the Woad King Darius skin looks superb, with oversized shoulder plates adorned with animal’s heads. There’s new frost or ice particle effects for his abilities and skills, which give a lot of the ingame model changes another dimension. The Woad King Darius skin also has new sounds for Decimate as well as Noxian Guillotine and a completely redone recall ability. The new particle effects and animations look great for the Woad King Darius skin, but the splash art may leave something to be desired. Flat looking and a bit muddled, Darius is charging through a snowstorm and attacking huge wyvern heads with his giant axe. Conceptually great, but not executed well enough, the Woad King Darius skin still has a lot of value for any League of Legends player. Note Lolskinshop.com does not sell this skin, never have, and most likely never will! This page is an information page. We have collected all the different parts needed to create one good page that highlights every part of this specific league of legends skin. We would also like to point out that the only way to ever getting this skin is through the official Riot store, where you buy it for Riot points. There is no point looking for it on Ebay or other third party sites, it simply does not exist!

Woad King Darius skin review and information.

Category Regular
Price 975 RP
Concept Darius as a Pict warrior..
Model New model Darius and his axe.
Particles New frost particles for his abilities
Animations New recall animation.
Sounds New sounds for Decimate, Crippling Strike, Noxian Guillotine and recall.

Woad King Darius ingame picture, splash art, and youtube video

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Woad King Darius


Woad King Darius skin for League of Legends ingame picture splash art