What do we sell

Lolskinshop.com sells elo boosts, account leveling, smurfs, skin codes, accounts with skins, coaching and a variety of other services for League of Legends

Our product sortiment will continously change, as we add more depending on what we can get our hands on, our frontpage will always be updated with what we currently have.

The purchase process

  • Buy the products/skins you want here on my website
  • Use the support button on this website, send me your order ID, aswell as either your ingame name, referal link, or smurf details, depending on what you bought.
  • The proccess will be started as soon as possible,

For more details, questions send me a message on the support system.

Elo Boosts

Early 2015 lolskinshop.com started doing elo boosts on a serious level. We are currently the cheapest big actor in the market! Feel free to compare our prices with others!

We offer pay per win, division boost, and placement matches and DuoQ

To read more about this, check out our elo boost section here!

Our Products

Hiring boosters!

Currently we are looking for NA, Oceania, and latin america boosters! Please check out our hire booster page!


LolSkinshop.com will provide you super rare and highly exclusive skins, accounts, boosts and other services. We got the connections, thats why we can guarantee a 100% safe trade where we take all the risk for you.


All our deliveries are currently done through the support system or mail

If you have purchased custom item, you need to send us an mail, through our support system with your payment details, and the required information, depending on what custom item you ordered.

Currency converter

Currency conversions are estimated and should be used for informational purposes only.