League of legends skin database : Search through all skins

League of legends skin database

League of legends skin database : Search through all skins

League of Legends skins database

Proudly presenting the fully searchable League of Legends skin database where you can sort through any skin. LSS have combined all the best information sources,

All the lol skins in one place

Complete LoL skin database. – When we first started this project it started with making individual skin pages for all the rare skins. There were a lot of questions on how they were obtained and what special conditions were related to them. During 2019 Lolskinshop has been working around the clock to complete our 100% updated skin database.

Each skin that was released for league of legends has its own page. For example King Rammus. What we have done is to collect, combine and polish all the information available for all the skins. Our mission is that people should have one place to go to get all their questions answered regarding the skins.

What do we offer? – Our pages cover everything from Loading screen and splash art pictures. In-game pictures, and videos. We cover all changes the skin offers in comparison to its base skin. Lolskinshops database cover rarity, price and release date. Anything related to how you can obtain it and when or if it will be for sale soon. This service also provide Riot’s own skin bio of the skin. Which is a little sample of his lore and their intention with the skin.

All in all, we give you the complete picture of each individual lol skin. If you any questions about any skin, you will find the answer to that question on our individual skin pages.

LoL Skin Database

League of legends has over 1000 skins. – Just recently with the addition of the 12 skins before Christmas and the 12 coming in early January. League of legends has finally reached the 1000 skins released mark. This is huge, it has been a long road here, obviously. An healthy amount amount of content for a game like League of legends.

It can be hard – keeping track of all the skins when they have 4 different price classes. Some are legacy which means they are sold on special occasions. Some are limited which means they are never ever being sold again. It can be rather confusing to keep track of everything, I love League of Legends fandom but it can be difficult to get the complete picture. That is why we offer this service completely free. You no longer have to browse through several different sites to try to find the information you look for. Here you can find everything here combined into one informative page.

Our skin database – will always be updated with the newest skins. Whenever new skins will be released we will work around the clock to keep our database updated so you can rely on us for your information regarding new skins.

splash art skt t1 alistar

Chroma skins the new thing

Chroma skins are the new fan favorite and lately, Riot has released more and more chroma skins for their newly added skin lines. Chromas offer variety, if you do not like default color palette, you can simply change it to something you personally like more. They offer variety and personalized content that fits the individual league player.

As of now, there have been over 200 skins who have received their chroma rework, each rework gets 1 – 9 chroma recolors. Currently there are over 1000 different chroma skins released for League of Legends as well.

Keeping track of all of them can also be very difficult and a tedious task, luckily our skin database also covers ALL chroma skins ever released for LoL. We want to make it easy for you, we want to provide information in the simplest way. Of course, each chroma skin also has its own page, where all relevant information has been collected and presented as simple as possible, for example, you can take a look at the Battle Boss Yasuo Chroma page.

Currently, our League of Legends skin database has over 1000 champion skins, 200 chroma skins, and over 1000 different chroma varieties, and we will continuously build every day to make our database better for everyone

League of legends skin database

Lookup any skin in the game


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