Content provided in our guides are equivalent to 4-5 hours of full coaching by a Challenger player.
Compiled by experienced high ranked players for everyone, in any division!
No more misconceptions about player builds or behaviors, everything shown to you has been tested and backed up by proof!
Written by only the best players on their respective champions, no more Platinum broscience guides!
Start playing the game correctly and conquer it today!

What makes our guides special?

All of our guides are strictly written by Challenger & Master players who are some or even the best players on their respective champions in their region!

The guides are constantly updated after each major patch and have only the best builds & playstyles written down

We cover every single thing you need to know about your favorite champion and lane, not only runes and spells! The depth of our guides is at complete maximum!

Everything in the guides are backed up by actual proof – it is not solely based on a single players opinion. Our guides are non biased and focus on conveying everything about the champion in an objective, professional, and easy to understand point of view.

Our guides also include videos, images and every other tool possible to make your learning experience as simple as possible!