Released Date Reveal Overwatch 2 is coming Live

Released Date Reveal Overwatch 2 is coming Live

Overwatch has quickly become one of the most popular first-person shooters in the world. Blizzard’s flagship first-person shooter has become a staple of the industry thanks to its roster of memorable heroes, stunning environments, and active competitive scene.



The announcement of a sequel caused a frenzy amongst the audience at Blizzcon 2019. It has been a long road to completion, but things are now coming together as we near the release.



On October 4, Blizzard Entertainment will release Overwatch 2. Although the game will be free to play, the initial release will have a heavy emphasis on PVP.


Even though we already know when the release will be, there is a lot we don’t know yet. Will the release of Overwatch 2 be an updated version of the Beta or if all the updates will be included in the release already such as PvP updates? One thing is certain, Pve content will be live only in 2023.

Blizzard have been leaking some of the new updates for Overwatch 2 during this year.


One of the updates for the new overwatch game is a progression system called “talents,” which allows players to increase the power and abilities of their heroes as they go on cooperative adventures. Many players have been hoping for an approach like this.


The confirmation of 5v5 matches is one of the most divisive aspects of the game.


Unlike the current 2-2-2 split that has been the heart of the game for years, the new system, which was announced on May 20, represents a significant departure. This means that there will be a total of 5 heroes in the game, with two dealing damage, two providing support, and one being the tank.


With this said, some tanks will have some changes now so they can be more effective.


With the new release of Overwatch 2 we will also have new characters appearing on the new sequel.

Blizzard is keeping a lot of details for overwatch 2 hidden till now, but we can already see on the PvP beta testing that new heroes will be live to play, some of the heroes are:



New players have been picking Sojourn in large numbers during the first Overwatch 2 beta because she is the first new hero Blizzard has announced for the game. She is a suitable replacement for Soldier 76 given that she is armed with a fully automatic assault rifle.

But her enhanced agility and the ability to aim precisely make her dangerous at any distance. Although she seems like she’d be the kind to avoid conflict, this Canadian hero actually produces friction when pushed and is likely to be a popular pick once Overwatch 2 is released in full.




Junker Queen


The greatest of Junkertown, Junker Queen, will be available for play in Overwatch 2 for the first time. She’s bringing an axe that can prevent healing, her trademark Aussie wit, and a six-pack to die for. Players are attracted to her as a tank hero because her gear encourages risky play and close-quarters fighting.


She also features a unique Passive Ability that restores all of her health over time from wounds, which should make her a fan favorite among players adjusting to the one-tank, 5v5 PvP system.



Overwatch 2 also features a slew of brand new maps, including New York City, Toronto, Rio de Janeiro, Rome, Monte Carlo, and Portugal.


The new overwatch game will be live in 20 days, there is not much information on how the ranked system will work so far, but players are already getting ready for their placement games. It is not official yet, but it seems that the new ranked system will not be SR-wise, but rather with standard ranks and divisions.


All Overwatch players are hyped for the release of Overwatch 2 and to start climbing the ranked ladder. can help you immediately right after the game is live and help you get to the top of the ladder, guaranteeing you high win rates on your placements.


Here is a video of a sneak peak of the new overwatch 2

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