When does League of Legends Season 12 will end?

When does League of Legends Season 12 will end?

Before we get to when Season 12 ends, let’s go over what Riot added to League of Legends on Season 12.Season 12 added a lot of great content for all players, one of the best things about Season 12 was the addition of the two dragons named Chemtech and Hextech. Even though Chemtech had to be removed due to a lot of players’ complaints about the invisibility granted by killing the dragon, some champions were simply way too strong with the buff given by Chemtech, with Rengar being one of the champions benefiting the most from it.Riot removed the Dragon and promised to add it back with new changes on it.


Season 12 also brought us a lot of new champions:ViegoGwenAkshanVexZeriRenata GlascBel’vethNilahChallenges were also added to player customization; your challenges will appear on loading screens as well as on your profile. Veterancy, Expertise, Teamwork & Strategy, Collection, and Imagination are the five challenges.Riot also made changes to ranked system in Season 12. Full unranked accounts are now placed in the Smurf queue, and you will always play against Smurf players. Riot made some changes to LP gains, and players will now gain fewer LP than they did in season 11. To win high LP on each victory, your account must have a very high mmr.Season 12 began on January 7, and the end date is always a question that everyone wants to know the answer, but Riot has yet to announce an official date. Based on the previous ten seasons, Season 12 will most likely end in the second week of November, and ranked will end on that date.


All players will have three more months from now to climb the ladder and finish as high as they can in order to receive the juicy end-of-season rewards, the best reward being the victorious skin that Riot awards to all players at the end of season.You will only be able to get the Victorious skins if you end at least Gold 4. The champion receiving the victorious skin this season is also a question mark, but Riot will announce it before the season ends.There isn’t much time left until the end of the season and it’s time to rank up or rewards will not be given on your account, a lot of players close to season end choose to get some extra help so they can receive the rewards considering their rank, League of legends boosting is a great option for all players who need that extra help to get end of season rewards and to get that extra mmr for the new season, because Riot always resets a bit the mmr of all accounts.So, what are you waiting out for? The end of the season is quickly approaching, so it’s time to jump on the rift! 


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